Welcome to a city of shadows

New Jerusalem used to be a pretty nice city once – back when the mines still produced ore and the harbour supported a fishing industry, back when there were jobs and tourists and money.

But that was a long time ago. Now the jobs are gone, the mines are dry, the fish are dead and the tourists go anywhere else. Buildings are falling down, infrastructure is failing, the authorities are corrupt and people stay only because they have nowhere else to go. New Jerusalem is a dying city, and everything is slowly backing away from the murder scene.

Except for secrets. Secrets and shadows still lie thick around New Jerusalem, and so do the denizens of the hidden world – vampires, ghosts, mages, miracle workers, twisted spirits, things from beyond imagining. They are the citizens of the invisible city, and they tell their stories in the night.

They all have their stories.

Welcome to a town without pity

New Jerusalem is a collaborative urban fantasy/horror campaign, run using Fate Core. The players and GM developed the core setting concepts, themes and elements together, and the players are encouraged to suggest new setting and character elements as the game progresses.

Key campaign elements:

  • Motifs of urban decay