The Other Realms

There are multiple Other Realms – distorted reflections of the real world that are not as true as our own. They have their own denizens, geography and natural laws, but these are all influenced (physically or metaphysically) by the real world and by humans. The differences can be significant, though, and many mortal creations (technology, magic, belief systems etc) become unreliable or non-functional in different Realms.

Outer Realms can be reached from the mortal world via magical passageways. Some passages open naturally, in places that have symbolic connections to the Realms; these come and go, and rarely last very long, but mages and denizens have ways of predicting when they activate. Other passages are created by magic, either mortal or in the Realms, but this is difficult and the passages are never very stable. Passages also cause magical disruption and increased entropy, causing the surrounding areas to decay, crumble or get generally shitty.

It’s possible to travel within and between the Outer Realms via paths, portals and secret ways. This allows denizens to access different locations within their Realm, as well as to trade with, fight and conquer locations and creatures in different Realms. Realms grow, shrink and change due to both actions in the mortal world and in the Realms themselves.

Invisible Cities
The strange towns of the Other Realms that can be reached from New Jerusalem.

Denizens and Creatures
The inhabitants of the Other Realms are a varied and incredibly dangerous bunch.

The Other Realms

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