The Supernatural

Vampires (also known as the Kindred or the Damned) are undead beings that drink blood and burn to ashes in sunlight.

Werewolves are half-human, half-spirit beings charged by an ancient curse to be intermediaries between the normal world and the Shadow (spirit) World.

Mages channel and control magical energies from the higher planes in order to make both subtle and obvious changes within this world.

Prometheans are patchwork beings created from dead bodies and given new life through alchemical rites.

Changelings are people kidnapped by the True Fae as children and reshaped as their servants, who have now escaped and returned to the mortal world.

Ghosts and Sin-Eaters
Sin-Eaters are people who died and then returned to life with an archetypal spirit of death bonded to their soul, allowing them to interact with ghosts.

Mummies are ancient and powerful supernatural beings who can never die, though they may sleep for centuries.

Hunters and Mortals
Hunters are largely ordinary people who learn of the existence of the supernatural and seek to protect humanity from its dangers.

The Supernatural

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