Grant Walker

A dogged police detective who takes on the weird cases


Grant Walker is a career police detective with a hard-earned reputation for results. He worked his way into the Major Crimes Unit a decade ago and became one of their best detectives.

Over the last few years he’s become aware of the supernatural – particularly demons. He doesn’t really understand where they come from, but he’s made an effort to learn the rules about how they work – and enough magic that he can, in the right circumstances, counter the major of others and bind and banish otherworldly beings.

He’s ended up being the guy who takes the “weird cases”, though no-one else in the department seems to believe in the supernatural. He’s had to start covering stuff up to get things done without being taken for a psych eval, and he knows internal affairs is starting to look into him. He also finds magic unnatural and weird, even if he kind of gets how some of it works after lots of trial and error, and wishes he could leave it all behind and go back to just being a regular cop. But if he doesn’t help the victims of supernatural crimes, who will?

Grant Walker

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