Gwendolyn Green

Aging bodyguard with blood on her hands



  • Emma Peel got old
  • People still blame her for the fire at the Children’s Hospital
  • Mortal lives matter
  • Kicks down doors and knocks head together
  • Knows the sewers like the back of her fist

She used to be a secret agent – stylish, sexy, dangerous.

Then came the Children’s Hospital case in New Jerusalem. She was getting old. She made mistakes. It ended in flames and 16 children dead.

She quit before the Taskforce could fire her.

That was twenty years ago. Now? Now she’s slumming it, paying her rent as a bodyguard for the Shadow Market. Her hair is grey and her bones ache. Mornings are hard. The mirror is harder.

People still blame her for the hospital fire.

No-one blames her harder than herself.


Gwendoline Green the Fearless Machine.

That’s what they called her at Taskforce 13. Agent Green got the job done, no matter how dangerous, no matter how many heads she had to kick along the way.

The Taskforce handled the special cases. Cultists. Kidnappings. Conspiracies. Their work wasn’t technically Top Secret. It was just hidden under layers of bureaucracy and red tape.

Gwendoline thought she had seen it all. Then came the New Jerusalem Children’s Hospital.

That was… 2001? 2002? It was reported as an illegal medical trial case: a cadre of doctors, unauthorised experiments, parents growing suspicious. Not really Agent Green’s ballpark. But the Taskforce sent her anyway.

After two weeks investigating, she found out why.

It was in the basement. It was… huge. Fleshy. All arteries and blubber. It looked like a tumor the size of a whale. Tubes ran out of it, draining some reddish-yellow bile into the veins of children.

She tried to shoot it. The bullets had no effect.

Burn it, she thought. Nothing sterilizes like fire. She found some petrol. She found a match. The smell as it burned was sickening.

The children burned too. They said nothing as the flames swallowed them. They just stared at Gwendoline.

That was when Gwendoline Green finally felt fear.

She couldn’t save them. All her catsuits and leather, all her ruthlessness and guns—they couldn’t save those children.

The hospital was gutted by the fire.

She quit the Taskforce. She threw away her guns. For very long time, she did nothing but wander and drink.

Until Tibet. She woke up hungover in a backpacker’s hostel. One of the other backpackers recognised her. His brother had been a patient at the hospital. He blamed Gwendoline for his death.

Gwendoline packed her bags. She had work to do. She had a mistake to put right.

She can’t bring the dead children back to life. But there’s something rotten at the heart of New Jerusalem. Gwendoline needs to find out what it is.

And then she needs to kill it.

Gwendolyn Green

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