Gwendolyn Green

Aging bodyguard with blood on her hands



  • Emma Peel got old
  • People still blame her for the fire at the Children’s Hospital
  • Mortal lives matter
  • Kicks down doors and knocks head together
  • Knows the sewers like the back of her fist

She used to be a secret agent – stylish, sexy, dangerous.

Then came the Children’s Hospital case in New Jerusalem. She was getting old. She made mistakes. It ended in flames and 16 children dead.

She quit before the Agency could fire her.

That was twenty years ago. Now? Now she’s slumming it, paying her rent as a bodyguard for the Shadow Market. Her hair is grey and her bones ache. Mornings are hard. The mirror is harder.

People still blame her for the hospital fire.

No-one blames her harder than herself.

Gwendolyn Green

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