Districts and Locations

(Some locations will be named/defined before the game starts, but most are defined and fleshed out as the campaign progresses.)

Religious Locations

  • Cathedral
  • Mosque
  • Synagogue

Government Locations

  • City Hall
  • City Courts – The McGillicutty Agency has their offices here
  • Police Department
  • Morgue

Business Locations

  • Media Sector
  • Mercantile Sector
  • Financial Sector
  • Corporate Sector

Arts/Entertainment Locations

  • Nightclub Circuit
  • Fashion Circuit
  • Theatre Circuit
  • Gallery Circuit

Research Locations

  • Museum
  • University
  • Lagrange Library – this off-site collection of older books has been decommissioned and largely abandoned by the University for several years
  • Medical Centre
  • Asylum – Charlotte’s magical mentor, Miss Victoria, haunts the asylum cemetery

Industry Locations

  • Power Plant
  • Industrial Works – an abandoned school here currently hides a passage to the Night Lands
  • Sewers – these are haunted by a pack of ghosts, hunting for Charlotte Shadow
  • Waste Plant
  • Chemical Plant

Transportation Locations

  • Harbour
  • Bus Station
  • Rail Station
  • Metro Underground
  • Airport

Community Locations

  • Nobility Hill – a wealthy residential district, home to Century Park and its historic fountain
  • Chinatown – Vic someimes frequents the 8-Ball Hemorrhage, a dive bar in this district; the rest of the family prefers Hong’s 24-Hour Noodle House
  • Little Italy
  • Latin Quarter
  • Projects
  • Slums

Districts and Locations

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